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Dr. Nicole Lackner

Dr. Nicole Lackner, D.C.
Doctor of Chiropractic



Dr. Nicole Lackner, D.C. is the Founder and Director of the Holistic Health Center, opened in 2007. She is a Palmer College of Chiropractic graduate (class of 2000) and a Gonstead practitioner. Her emphasis is on pediatric and family care, including all stages of pregnancy. Her practice also includes caring for patients with special needs.

In early 2002, she opened Inner Spirit Chiropractic in Peoria, Illinois. She has witnessed many patients heal in ways not thought possible, and has worked with many unique cases that have failed to heal with other means.

She has spoken at several Chiropractic colleges, the Gonstead Seminars, and for chiropractic coaching groups on the importance of pediatric & family care. Dr. Nicole has been the subject of articles in both mainstream and Chiropractic media and enjoys educating her community on the many benefits of a chiropractic lifestyle.

Chiropractor Changes Boy’s Life Forever

“When Mohamed Beriaima, 5, arrived in North Peoria from Saudi Arabia . . ."

What Dr. Nicole's Clients Say:

"How Chiropractic Has Helped With Reflux, difficulties sleeping, chronic tonsillitis, better grades."

"Nine weeks ago, we took our 8 year-old daughter Brooke to Inner Spirit. We heard their ad on the radio explaining how they have helped children. Since birth Brooke has struggled with reflux. She takes reflux medication daily but would still suffer with problems. At seven months Brooke had two open heart surgeries due to a hole in her heart. Ever since those surgeries she never slept well. She had a hard time going to sleep and staying asleep. She would sleep 6 to 7 hours a night. The doctors told us a lot of children are like that.

After the first week of adjustments, improvements began immediately. Brooke was sleeping 10 hours a night! She went to sleep within 10 minutes and stayed asleep. After three weeks of adjustments we were able to cut her reflux medication in half!

Brooke Hillman

Brooke has had many sore throats in her lifetime that have required antibiotics and sometimes a double antibiotic. Her tonsils always swell up with white spots which always turn into a bacterial infection. Her doctor told us this year that if she has many more she will have to have her tonsils removed. Two weeks ago Brooke complained of a sore throat. Her throat was red with white spots. We told Dr. Nicole and she adjusted that area. We even went in for an extra adjustment. After 5 days Brooke's throat was back to normal. This was the first time she did not need an antibiotic for a sore throat.

Our family is very excited about the changes we are seeing in Brooke since going to Inner Spirit. Brooke is getting better grades in school and her teacher said she is the top reader in her class. We would recommend Inner Spirit to anyone. They are great with children. Brooke has recruited three family members that are also going to Inner Spirit and there are more to come. Brooke loves Dr. Nicole and the whole staff at Inner Spirit. They really care!

We know there are many more improvements in Brooke's life to come and we can't wait to see the results. Thanks Dr. Nicole!"

Doug & Lynette Hillman 

"How Chiropractic Has Helped With improving the quality of life for this Special Needs Child."

Jeremy turned 5 years old in June 2005. Dr. Nicole Lackner has treated him since the end of January 2004. He was born full-term after a quick delivery by the nurse without the doctor present. He was fine after birth with Apgars of 8 and 8. At 2 hours old he was picking his head up off my shoulder and we thought he was such a strong, healthy baby.

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