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Ame Nunamaker, Myofascial & Lymphatic

  • Ame Nunamaker,
    Myofascial & Lymphatic Massage Therapy

    Ame Nunamaker, RN, LMT, VCLT


    Ame graduated from Lifepath School of Massage Therapy in 2000 and has been a practicing massage therapist since.  In 2003 she received her certification in Manual Lymph Drainage in Walschee, Austria at the Vodder School of Manual Lymph Drainage. She has worked primarily with/for physicians and chiropractors all over Peoria.

    Ame was  an instructor at Central Illinois School of Massage Therapy from 2001 to 2005 and at Illinois Central College from 2005 to 2009. The classes she instructed include from anatomy palpation, orthopedic massage, and Manual Lymph Drainage.

    In 2009, she started Three Paths Massage Therapy that was located in Junction City Shopping Center.  It grew to include several other extremely talented massage therapists. The massage group expanded to a point she could no longer manage a company and treat her clients.  Ame decided to follow her passion and focus on her treating her clients, so she teamed up with The Knight Center for Integrated Health. I had the great privilege of gaining more experience working with a medical physician, a chiropractor, and a physical therapist focusing on pain relief.  Due to a back injury I was unable to continue working at The Knight Center. After a period of recovery, I'm now able to begin seeing clients again. 

    My passion is helping people achieve pain relief utilizing John F. Barnes myofascial release technique, lymphatic drainage, and orthopedic massage.  My belief is that massage is no longer a luxury but has now become a necessity in the health care system as a preventative medicine.  I truly understand that dealing with chronic pain can be exhausting, excruciating, and daunting.  I myself suffer from chronic pain, a result of Lyme disease and a hypermobility disorder.    I understand how it can leave a person feeling hopeless, alone, and misunderstood.  If I had the option, I obviously would choose a pain-free life, but I sincerely believe my struggle is a blessing.  I have empathy and a unique insight for what my clients are experiencing which allows for more effective treatments.  I view my relationship with my clients as a partnership.  Along with treatment, I provide my clients with self-care instructions which include stretches, exercises, and/or skin care directions specific to their condition.


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  • "I have benefited tremendously from the chiropractic care I received from Dr. Lackner."
    John Doe - Peoria, IL
  • "Great chiropractic care by caring people. Friendly staff genuinely concerned about people and their needs. Essential oils available too. I do sincerely recommend the Holistic Health Center when you need chiropractic care or just need some essential oils."
    Jack L.